About Us

The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Foundation (LNHCF) was established in 1932 with the mission to encourage, nurture and promote the creation, use and preservation of fine contemporary and traditional craft through the inspiration and education of artists and the broader community. It accomplishes this through educational and promotional programs.

There are eight regional retail galleries and three educational facilities operating under the name “The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.” They are independently owned and operated. The retail galleries pay royalties (percentage of sales) to the state organization for use of the League name and to receive group benefits (e.g. purchasing of packaging supplies, shared advertising, jurying standards, etc.). The educational facilities receive financial support from the “head quarters” by way of two annual grants and through distribution of membership fees. The membership distribution is compensation for the discount given to League members by the retail galleries and education departments.

The Hanover League came into being on September 8, 1940, when 100 residents of Hanover, led by Mrs. Margaret Cusick and Robert Strong, Dean of Dartmouth College, met and decided to join the state organization.

In 1952, Dartmouth offered the Hanover League a wooden two-story building on Lebanon Street in Hanover. This building provided ample space for classes and for the local craft artists to sell their work. In fall 1959, the building currently occupied by the Hanover League at 13 Lebanon Street, was built and named as a memorial to Robert C. Strong.

In January of 2000 the League of NH Craftsmen in Hanover gained 501c(3) status and gladly accepts gifts and donations. Your support is vital to keeping the art-of-craft alive. Please contact Craftstudies at 603 643 5384 or craftstudies@craftstudies.org to make a donation.

13 Lebanon St • Hanover, NH 03755 • Gallery: 603-643-5050 • CraftStudies: 603-643-5384